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Dayton’s 4th {Birthday}

Castles, cake pops, and construction zones! Dayton celebrates his 4th birthday at Playmobil Fun Park!  ... view full post »

Rick & Sara {Engaged}

Rick and Sara are dear friends of mine and I couldn’t be happier that they found each other! They are both so warmhearted and I know their wedding in September is going to be bursting with joy! (View Rick & Sara’s wedding)... view full post »

Bowe {Family}

I absolutely adore the Bowes! We took a short stroll through their charming neighborhood to capture these photos of their three generations. This family knows how to have fun and their love for one another is heartwarming.... view full post »

Riley {Portraits}

As an actress, Riley wanted to showcase her versatility. She reminds me of many beautiful celebrities – Candace Cameron, Jennifer Morrison, Hilary Duff. I hope these photos will contribute to her calling as a performer!... view full post »

Robert & Erin {Engaged}

It was a breathtaking day on the island of Palm Beach. Robert and Erin’s chemistry made this shoot so relaxed and endearing. I’m looking forward to photographing theirwedding in November! (View Robert & Erin’s Wedding)... view full post »

E.L. {Family}

A sunny spring day at Riverbend Park filled with big sister-little brother love and yummy red lollipops!... view full post »

Brad & Ashley {Wedding}

Brad & Ashley’s “Great Gatsby” October wedding was absolutely to die for!  It took place at The Cruz Building in Coconut Grove – a glamorous, three-level, New Orleans French Quarter style venue. The 1920s art deco decor included feathers, beads, and a lot of sparkle. You can also view their Engagement Session... view full post »

Ashley’s {Bridal Shower}

Pink & gold accents, teacups in every color, delicious hors d’oeurves & desserts! This beautiful bridal shower was filled with love & laughter!  Ashley & her fiancé, Brad, also took some engagement portraits before the celebration – you can see them here: Brad & Ashley {Engaged}  ... view full post »

Brad & Ashley {Engaged}

Here are a few shots of Brad & Ashley just before Ashley’s beautiful bridal shower.... view full post »

C.R. {Family}

It is so sweet to see four generations together. A baby’s soft, little hands in her great-grandmother’s. This session celebrates life and legacy!... view full post »

Koel {Family}

I love when you can look at a picture and almost hear the laughter within it. Mr. & Mrs. Koel were visiting from Colombia and wanted to capture the last day of their visit with their son. I hope these pictures will bring them joy until their next journey here.... view full post »

V.W. {Family}

Coral Cove Park is one of Jupiter’s most beautiful locations. This adorable family couldn’t have picked a better day to do their session here! The Florida sunshine was at its finest and gave us a perfect warm glow.... view full post »